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My name is Charisse Van Horn and  I am a professional psychic medium, tarot and oracle reader. I believe that God (Spirit) works with us directly through tarot cards and that these messages are not only healing but empowering as well.  Tarot uses universal symbolism that is globally recognized, making it the perfect divination tool  Tarot and oracle cards are my passion and I want to share healing messages from Spirit with you. No matter where you are in life, there is divine wisdom, inspiration, and healing gained from reading tarot.

As a psychic medium, I may receive impressions, feelings, pick up names, locations, or other pertinent information from Spirit during a tarot reading. Sometimes loved ones who have passed across the veil may offer information or want to come through and share a healing message. Our ancestors who have reached a higher evolved frequency often look over us, and leave us signs to encourage, motivate, and help bring healing to our lives. Though Read the Tarot focuses on messages from tarot and oracle cards, I never stop Spirit  (God) or spirit from bringing messages through. 

We are elemental beings who operate on specific vibrations and the lower the frequency the more negativity that will flow in our lives. Tarot is a great tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in our lives to help us find our way and ascend to higher frequencies. Due to this, tarot and oracle reading is sacred work and I treat it as such.

We must always strive to be high-frequency individuals and a peaceful way to achieve this is through balancing the chakras, meditating with crystals, and using herbs for healing. Tarot reading is a powerful way to identify areas in our lives that must be healed, cleansed, and purified through God's love and light. We are divine sparks of God's light and it is imperative that we continually cleanse our energy so that we are the best reflections of God's love and light. Meditation and music are powerful tools for elevating our personal vibrations and you will find that I always use healing, meditative music during my tarot readings. This applies to all phone and video readings that I give. There will always be healing music setting the atmosphere when I give an oracle card or tarot reading. 

Love is the highest frequency of all and this begins with love for the Divine, love for others, love for animals, love for the planet, and love for ourselves.  In order to be a pure reflection of God's love, we must live lives that are as pure as humanly possible. If you've ever tried to live a perfect life then you know it is impossible. Therefore we must always purify our hearts, minds, and spirits by connecting to Spirit through the many tools available and bringing in the white light of Spirit into our energy field. It is also imperative that we remain grounded to mother earth so that we have the stability, strength, and endurance to stand strong like a firm oak tree when battling the storms of life. By reading the tarot and oracle we can identify the fears, phobias, and weaknesses that bring us to a low vibrational state while also developing practices that keep us plugged into Spirit's high-vibrational power so that our energy stays charged with love and light.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they wished life came with a handbook. There is a handbook and it is told in the story of the tarot. You see, each of our lives are represented in the Hero's Journey that unfolds in the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. With each tarot and oracle reading, you are turning a page of your story where you not only get in-depth insight and healing for your past, but also a glimpse of your future to help you fully live in the present.

Thank you for joining me here at Read the Tarot and if you would like a reading where together we work with Spirit to uncover more of your story, please contact me at, by phone at 727-380-0388, or simply use the contact form at the right side of this site.

God bless you and read the tarot,


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