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My Tarot Story: How I Began to Read the Tarot and the Hero's Journey

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Charisse Van Horn and I am a professional psychic medium, oracle, and tarot reader. I want to introduce myself and share a bit about my story and how I began to read the tarot. I am a natural medium, meaning that my psychic gifts exhibited themselves naturally and though I am undergoing life-long training with Lily-Dale mediumship to advance my healing ministry as a psychic medium, I created this site for my oracle and tarot readings. 

There is a myth-based framework known as the "Hero's Journey" that is a recurring theme focusing on the life of a hero. This narrative or plot may be seen in the myths from antiquity to our modern-day heroes and heroines of the stage, screen, and books. The Hero's Journey centers on the main character who goes through three stages in their growth. These stages can be summed up by saying the hero starts with an ordinary beginning, undergoes a period of awakening to his, her, or (insert pronoun here) personal power and is equipped for their current journey, and then returns victorious, having completed the adventure or task. There is much more to the Hero's Journey and if you would like to learn more, you may find a wonderful diagram and guide at the Grand Valley State University Library: The Hero's Journey.

Celtic Cross Reading by Read the Tarot
The Hero's Journey is not just the subject of myths, legends, novels, and movies — it is the human story! The Hero's Journey is your story and it is my story. It is also the story of the Major Arcana in any tarot deck.

The Major Arcana are the first 22 cards in the tarot deck and they are numbered from 0-22. Zero is represented by The Fool and the final card in the journey is number 21, The World.

The Fool represents you in the womb, as a baby forming and ready to begin your life's adventure. You
may remember this by thinking of the shape of an egg that contains new life within. the World is the completion of the Hero's Journey and is the celebration of finishing your adventure or task. Think of the World as the Olympic athlete who has won gold and is standing on the platform with the adoration of the world watching the victorious triumph. Now that the task is finished, it's time to start on a new journey, and thus, the Hero's Journey continues again and again.

The Major Arcana cards in between the Fool and the World depict each step of the hero's journey from start until completion.

When I read the tarot, I look at the Major Arcana cards first as they will always represent the querent's (the person who I am reading for, or the one with the questions) location on the Hero's journey in respect to the question being asked.

For example, if someone wanted a love reading about a crush, and I pulled many Major Arcana cards, then I would know that this is more than a simple, passing atraction but that there is something within the question that is pertinent to the querent's path on their Hero's Journey. This doesn't mean they are destined to be with their crush, but that there are life-worthy lessons to be learned, therefore I will dig deep and use my psychic gifts to see the deeper message Spirit has for the querent.

It isn't uncommon that Spirit reveals great insight from a question that may seem trivial at first. During my readings that began as "trivial" (I put that in quotations because when it comes to me reading the tarot, nothing is trivial) Spirit has revealed hidden addictions and behaviors that have resulted in people attending rehab and getting their lives back on track.

I do not take any glory or acclaim in my tarot readings. Just as my views on psychic-mediumship (that you may see on my fellow site Hearing Spirit) I am simply a conduit for Spirit to give healing messages through. This is my purpose and role in life and it is why I read the tarot. 

Not only has Spirit used the tarot to bring healing to others, but Spirit has used tarot to bring healing to my life and the life of my children.

I began reading the tarot in 2018 and in my first tarot readings were for my two youngest children. I did a reading for my youngest daughter and everything looked wonderful. When I did a reading for my youngest son, there were problems. To make an incredibly long story short (and I will blog about this in-depth at a later time), Tarot led me on a journey that resulted in a medical diagnosis of a rare-genetic syndrome that has affected my family yet was unknown for generations. Because of tarot, I discovered that we have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and our lives have been on a journey of medical treatment ever since.

It is my belief that the wisdom gained from tarot was not only life-changing and even life-saving, I believe I never would have pursued a medical diagnosis had it not been for what was spread before me when I read the tarot for the first and second time. 

You see, this diagnosis was so vast that it didn't just explain what happened to generations before me (my grandmother was in a wheelchair and my great aunt (her sister) suddenly lost sight in one of her eyes in her younger years), and it didn't just explain what was happening in my own life and the lives of my eight children, but we are now armed with knowledge that will have a direct impact on my grandchildren, their children, and our future generations.

Again, I never would have pursued these medical diagnoses or brought my son to experts at John Hopkins if the tarot readings I performed didn't continue to tell me "dig deeper" "Get an expert opinion" (represented by King of Swords) and that we were on a journey of healing (six of swords). 

Step by step, as I read the tarot, I knew what to expect; I knew what to look for; I knew what to do, and finally, I knew everything would be all right in the end (The Sun & The World). 

Since that day in 2018, I have performed thousands of tarot readings, many for myself, my family, friends, and clients like you. Many of my clients I now refer to as friends and people whom I truly care about, pray for, and want to see excel in life.

I believe that tarot is a tool Spirit uses to better the lives of humanity. I believe there is divine wisdom to be gleaned from the signs, symbols, and archetypes depicted in the tarot. Spirit uses both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana to show us where we are on our Hero's Journey and to help us navigate the day-to-day situations that challenge and distract us. 

Every tarot reading I do begins with my prayer to Spirit that I am used as a vessel of healing to hear clearly what Spirit is saying to the client and that the message will be delivered accurately and for the client's highest good. 

I believe Spirit wants everyone to succeed and not fail. You are the head and not the tail. You are first and not last. You are here for a purpose and it is God's will that you win that Gold trophy at the end of your Hero's Journey. If you feel stuck, lost, dismayed, or have fallen off your path and want to get back on, then I suggest you read the tarot.

If you do not know how to read the tarot for yourself, then I will read the tarot for you. You may contact me for a personal reading at; or simply contact me through the form on the right side of this page.

You may follow my YouTube channel: Read the Tarot where I give free messages from Spirit and half-price tarot readings during my live streams. You may also book an appointment with me through Facebook: Read the Tarot Facebook

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that I will see you around, whether on social media or during one of my live streams. 

God bless you and read the tarot,


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