Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Returning to Read the Tarot Live Streams with Free Messages from Spirit

 It's about 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, and I am planning to go live on YouTube and Facebook today. I'm thrilled because yesterday was my grand return after nearly a three-month hiatus! It felt great to be live and to once again reconnect with many familiar faces. 

When I first conducted live tarot streams on YouTube, I never expected that I would also give psychic-
mediumship readings. Let me explain what happened. When I started my YouTube channel on February 20, 2021, I uploaded a video about "street lamp communication." I have had a strange relationship with electronics and lights going back to my teen years, such as lights flickering when I would pass them. Back then I was unaware this was spirit communication but now that I operate as a psychic medium, the phenomenon doesn't surprise me.

I uploaded a video of a street lamp seemingly responding to my questioning it like a pendulum (yes, I know how that sounds) and then one month later, on May 3, 2021, started my first live tarot reading. (Am I really approaching two years with my YouTube channel?) 

Though Read the Tarot began with a form of spirit communication, I designed the channel to be about tarot readings. In my first streams, I did full tarot readings for free and it surprised me I was receiving psychic impressions about the user names that would appear on the screen.

My process is something like this: While I'm shuffling the deck and praying to Spirit for guidance in the tarot reading (I specifically pray that I will have clear answers, clear knowledge, clear thinking, and give messages that are uplifting and healing for the querent) other information will randomly pop in my mind. It's hard to explain but it is as if while I am praying, meditating, asking a question, or thinking, there is something else in the background that just "pops' in.

During my early live streams, I decided to just "go with it" and mention some of the random information that was "popping in" and just see if there was anything to it... and lo-and-behold, there was. 

Some information querents confirmed as "hits" have been their living family members' names, names of streets where they or family members lived, names of loved ones including pets who are in spirit, descriptions of houses they have lived, items that hold strong, sentimental meaning to them (usually a connection to a loved one in spirit) and more. I never know what will pop up during a reading or how it will connect. 

Again, I never intended for Read the Tarot to be a channel that focused on psychic-mediumship but a channel for tarot readings. It's been nearly two years and much of my journey has been navigating YouTube and establishing the best path for my channel.

Read the Tarot isn't like many tarot channels out there. I do not prepare pick a card readings (though I may) and my readings are not general or meant specifically for the public (though I may do some of those in the future). My live streams are where I want to connect with strangers who find me whom I can give a direct message to.

My method for live readings has also evolved. I do not give full Celtic Cross readings for free during a live stream as it simply takes up too much time and too much of my energy. What I do is give a free message from Spirit instead. 

I found that even when I gave free tarot readings, live online, some people asked questions that were not the important ones in their lives. 

For example, someone may have asked if he or she (or insert your pronoun here) would end up marrying their crush, meanwhile Spirit would let me know there was a bondage in their life that needed to be healed and to address that instead. Well, now I had committed myself to a free tarot reading about a crush and then needed to try to "throw in" Spirit's real message to the person. So, I decided that the free tarot readings would stop. 

It would surprise you how many people simply want a different answer to the same question and will bounce from one free tarot reading stream to the next looking for it. This was not what my channel, Read the Tarot, was meant to be. My readings are not another stop in someone's quest for a different answer. My channel is to give those who come a free message from Spirit that will hopefully shed light on a darkened part of their journey so that they may see clearly to the next turn in the road. 

I've taken several months off due to my family life and establishing my channels' paths. I say channels because Read the Tarot is a network of many growing channels. I am not just a tarot reader, I am also a psychic-medium and through Read the Tarot and my training with a fabulous Lily-Dale medium, I am growing and expanding the nature of my services. The Read the Tarot network includes Hearing Spirit, Fractal Flowers, ASMR Tarot, Pets Medium, True Crime Tarot, Fairy Reader, Your Angel Reader, Your Spirit Messages, Celebrity Tarot Readings (this one is currently on hold), Moon and Astrology readings, Power Spirit Animal readings, Meditations, and one-on-one psychic mediumship and even group psychic mediumship settings. 

As I continue to grow the Read the Tarot network, there will be more changes underway and sometimes I may feel that I need to devote a bit more time to study and growth. I've learned so much since I uploaded my first video on February 20, 2021, and since I gave my first tarot reading in 2018 and discovered our family's rare genetic disorder. I documented a bit of this in a January 2019 Twitter thread you may see here: Read the Tarot Twitter: My Tarot Story to Share.

Now, I've kept Read the Tarot primarily on tarot readings and move my psychic mediumship readings to either the phone or video readings. My live streams on Hearing Spirit will focus more on psychic mediumship but my goal is not to hold live psychic mediumship readings on YouTube anymore. Though it is clear that spirit is coming through and there are "hits", I feel that psychic mediumship is sacred and I want to devote more time to each sitting than is allowed on a live stream. 

I often have double, triple, and quadruple links giving live psychic-mediumship readings. What this means is I will connect to multiple spirit people during a live stream and if someone has made a donation for the online reading, it isn't fair to them. Therefore, if spirit comes through and makes connection and you would like to further the mediumship reading, I will set an appointment with you for either a phone or video session and we will take it off YouTube and Facebook.

Here is the live stream from December 5, 2022.

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